Our Services

Newstream Commercial is a trusted full-service partner in all matters related to commercial property development, procurement, and management. Newstream’s professionals offer a value-added perspective to our full spectrum of services, including leasing/brokerage services, investment and tenant advisory services, property management, development, and construction management. We combine our services into a cohesive integrated operation, and put our full efforts into the service for each client and create the options for each client that lead to the best possible outcome for the client’s needs and objectives.

As a single-source commercial real estate services firm, Newstream strategically aligns our service offerings with our clients’ goal of maximizing the value of real estate.

Development & Construction

Unique mixed-use commercial development, featuring hotels are a corner stone of our business platform. While they range in size, they almost always involve complex land entitlements, approval process, and long time periods. Successful navigation of those waters is a signature of Newstream Commercial’s team.

Leasing & Brokerage

Building a strategic approach combined with market-wide relationships and research allows our brokers to find and create the perfect solution for each client and asset needs.

Tenant Advisory

Newstream’s tenant specialists provide superior solutions for retail site selection for all of our clients, whether your business is a national brand or a local retailer looking for their first location.

Property Management

Whether managing a single property or an entire portfolio, all of the resources of our company are implemented to provide you, your assets and your tenants with first class service.

Investment Services

Our primary investment philosophy is to help our customers create wealth with commercial real estate investments. Newstream’s investment advisors are your strategic partners in achieving your financial goals.