Development + Value Added

One of the core advantages of Newstream is the company’s knowledge and experience in all phases of the development and construction processes from acquisition through an exit, which allows Newstream to achieve an exceptionally high level of detail and efficiency throughout its portfolio.

The principles of Newstream recognize that the commercial property business is cyclical and mitigates earnings and cash flow volatility through developing premium-quality properties defined by their location, physical qualities, and most importantly, their appeal to the highest quality tenants and consumers. 

Newstream’s Value Add strategy will most often follow a traditional buy, fix, and sell the business plan. Value Add opportunities are typically well-located properties that are underperforming their potential due to deficiencies in the physical plant or in the existing management and operations.  Newstream will orchestrate tried-and-true upgrade programs to most efficiently capture the operational gap. These properties often produce high returns, and Newstream targets hold periods of three to five years.

Top Consultants

We strategically work with the best consultants to produce results where others fail for our clients.

Decades of Experience

The partners of Newstream Commercial have been involved in the development of 78 hotels in 40 states.

Productive Investments

Along the way, we ensure each project will be best positioned to meet the needs of users and have a long and productive investment life.