Peter Ashton

Director of Investor Relationships

Peter began his football career at Oregon State University before transferring to the University of North Texas while studying Sports Management with an Entrepreneurial Management emphasis. While he spent two years pursuing his passion to play in the NFL, he began his career in the Health and Wellness space. During this time, he was working with over 1000 high net worth individuals and CEO’s; before having a short stint in the medical industry working with doctors and clinics around the country. Peter and his wife Maggie have 2 amazing children, Emma and Beckham both are under the age of 3. Peter has always had an interest in Real Estate and has been involved in several Real Estate investments this year already.

“Family is a big priority to me, I try to create a family atmosphere when I am out raising capital, building trust with investors is a huge part of how I operate. When investors decide to invest in the properties I bring them, they become a part of my networking family.”